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Stranded Alone

Creation Date: June 25, 2018

Notes: When I started on this artwork, I was in a bad place mood-wise. By the time I completed it, I was feeling much better. Medication and other therapies seem to be helping me greatly at the moment. I still fell compelled to share this artwork for all of those who aren’t feeling better.
I tried to create a beautiful tropical paradise that most people would dream of living in. Only it’s no paradise to her. It’s a cage where she is stranded and alone. She is crying out, signalling for help.

This artwork is Copyright © 2018 Lizzie Prusaczyk and Dream 9 Studios™.
All Rights Reserved.

Lizzie prusaczyk d9s co stranded alone

She is alone in a tropical paradise. She cries out to be rescued but she may never get the help she truly needs.