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Can't Fight It Anymore

Creation Date: June 14, 2018
Software Tools: Poser 11 Pro, Photoshop CC
Notes: I started creating artworks with this concept back in 2009 but could never quite perfect what I wanted to create. Now I think I finally have achieved what I set out to do in the first place. This is a conceptual piece and all the elements are finally there. We have the broken warrior who has battled for far too long and the monstrous beast that torments her. There is blood and also bones scattered across the floor symbolizing the many other victims of this monster. Even the distant setting sun feels right for this piece.
This artwork is Copyright © 2018 Lizzie Prusaczyk and Dream 9 Studios™.
All Rights Reserved.

Lizzie prusaczyk d9s co cant fight it anymore

Mental illness is an eternal struggle and sometimes, you just can’t fight it anymore. You try to fight, but come out bloodied and scarred. The beast, or illness, is relentless and shows no mercy.